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Value and Benefits to Buy Natural Diamond

There are a number of benefits to buying a certified diamond for an engagement ring. The first and most important is that most women will prefer to know that the ring their future husband proposed with is in fact a real diamond engagement ring. A diamond that took billions of years to form is going to be more meaningful than one that was created in a factory that may have only taken a few weeks. The diamond itself is meant to represent the love and commitment to each other over a lifetime.

While some people believe that a synthetic or fake diamond looks just as beautiful as a natural diamond, in most cases this isn’t true. One drawback to fake diamonds is that the very process used to create them can result in future discoloration or even cracks or visible lines. The durability of a natural diamond is second to none as the strongest material known to man.

A natural diamond’s value will usually increase over time with inflation however diamonds are a product of supply and demand. The larger a diamond the more rare it is and this usually results in a good investment. Finding a diamond with perfect clarity and color is also rare which also makes for an equally sound investment. The key to purchasing a real diamond engagement ring is to make an informed decision and choose a quality stone.

Natural diamonds that may appreciate more quickly in value include fancy colors such as canary yellow diamonds which are considered investment grade. If looking to make a great investment in a diamond the rarest natural diamonds are red. Pink and blue are also considered higher value in terms of appreciation.

“A Diamond Is Forever”

This phrase, first introduced by De Beers diamond manufacturers in 1947, easily epitomizes some key characteristics of a real diamond as the center stone in an engagement ring. The word diamond comes from the Greek term “adámas”, meaning “unbreakable” or “unalterable”. A diamond is “forever” because it is unbreakable, which is why they have been used industrially to clean hard substances. Due to their durable qualities and small size, diamonds are often purchased as investments that can be worn over a long period of time and passed down to family members as heirlooms. If the need or desire ever arises, they can also be sold for a profit several years later. Fancy color diamonds are recommended as one of the most potentially fruitful investments

Furthermore, a diamond, the center stone in around 80% of engagement rings, signifies the eternal bond created between a man and a woman on the day she agrees to marry him. Synthetic diamonds, on the other hand, are far more prone to being damaged easily and their brilliance can fade over time.



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