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Why Choose Salt and pepper Engagement Ring?

For the past century, women worldwide have dreamed of the perfect, dazzling, diamond engagement ring. Clear and beautifully cut diamonds were sought after. Heavily included diamonds were considered undesirable: they went to the rubbish pile.

Then came millennials, with our penchant to love and accept ourselves, flaws and all. And with it, a big dollop of individuality and a healthy respect for the world that we live in. Couples started looking for something different. Something that wasn't tainted with reports of blood and violence. Some moved over to coloured gemstones like sapphires. But then a cool rebel emerged from the shadows: the salt and pepper diamond.

With the same lasting strength of their clear counterparts, salt and pepper diamonds are an increasingly popular choice for alternative engagement rings. Their quirky looks helped couples match their unique love story with a similarly unique diamond. More and more brides break traditional norms and choose to embrace what matters to them.

An engagement ring is the perfect symbol of a couple’s love so why should it look like everyone else’s? Salt and pepper diamonds bring a more personal touch to the traditional engagement ring. Salt and pepper diamonds offer a dynamic alternative to traditional white diamonds. The gorgeous style provides a unique twist on an engagement ring. Brides are looking for a ring that sets them apart and the salt and pepper diamond provides an ideal way to stand out from the crowd with a gorgeous and distinctive ring. Like your partner, no diamond is perfect. Your salt and pepper diamond ring reminds you to look past the flaws and focus on your love.

Another big selling point is that salt and pepper diamonds are less costly than a traditional white diamond. So your budget may go a lot further with a salt and pepper diamond. You can choose to stay within a budget and use that hard earned cash as down payment for your first home together, or the adventure trip of a lifetime.

The unique look and personality of salt and pepper diamonds make them flexible to fit any type of occasion. They can be paired with other diamonds or gemstones to create a unique and sophisticated engagement ring, or set in a simple stackable band.

The versatility of these rings is one of the reasons they have become so popular.



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