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Most Of People Know some basic Information about the Diamond like it's Hardest Natural substances that can cut the glass, Diamonds are mined from earth, It's Beautiful and precious. But How much Do you know about some Interesting fact about the Diamond shape? Which shape is more popular in Jewelry making?. So, Let's know about Diamond shape.

1. Each diamond shapes has own meanings.

Round Diamond represent unending love, simple elegance

Princess Diamond Known for being Trendy and flirty

Oval Diamond are regarded as fertility charms, likely because of their resemblance to an egg, creative spirit, Individualistic, Daring

Cushion Diamond represent Effortless elegance, team player

Emerald cut Diamond represent Clarity and openness

Marquise Diamond opulence and extravagance

Pear Diamond represent adventurous, fun, calm, adaptable

Emerald cut Diamond represent Clarity and openness

2. The cut of diamond is considered most important characteristic of Diamond.

Because cut determines the diamond’s brilliance and fire

3. There are three main categories of diamond shapes: Brilliant cuts, Step cuts, and Mixed cuts.

Brilliant cuts are those that allow for the best light reflection, resulting in a more brilliant gem. This is the most popular and enduring diamond cut, which features multiple facets for enhanced brilliance. Brilliant cut diamond is also the most hardy of all the diamond cuts. Its round shape lends it impressive durability, along with making it less likely to chip, crack or break as there are no edges or corners to snag or bang.

Step cuts, such as the emerald and baguette, feature stacked facets that resemble stairs.

Mixed cuts are a combination of brilliant and step cuts.

4. Pear cut diamonds are a hybrid of the oval and marquise cut, resembling a teardrop in shape.

Pear shaped diamonds are another notable cut, but they’re not quite as common as the round brilliant or some of the other more popular cuts. Perfect for pendants and other delicate jewelry pieces, the pear cut is difficult to master and takes gem cutters many years of practice to perfect. Fun fact: the largest cut diamond in the world, The Star of Africa, is pear cut.

5. The word 'diamond' comes from the word 'adamas,' a Greek word that means indestructible.

6. More than 80% of the diamonds that are mined are used for industrial processes.

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